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Whether or not you realize it, your emotional intelligence (EQ) plays a critical role in your everyday life. From the moment you wake up until the moment you close your eyes at night, your EQ helps you make decisions that can make or break your day. 

Most importantly for organizations and companies, emotional intelligence is a critical factor in long-term success. When you consider that more than 70% of an employee’s view of the company culture comes directly from the leaders' emotional intelligence, but that only 20% of leaders AND companies identify as emotionally intelligent, there is obviously a lot of work to do.

In this energetic and entertaining presentation, Rich will dive into the core elements of emotional intelligence and how you can leverage them for personal and professional happiness. Through this discovery, he will arm you with the awareness of your EQ to help you succeed and grow every single day.

How You Will Improve:

  • Learn the fundamental elements of emotional intelligence (EQ).

  • Discover how to identify your EQ strengths & weaknesses.

  • Identify strategies for managing your triggers.

  • Learn the professional & personal benefits of EQ.

  • Understand the impactful (and fun) changes you can make to improve your EQ.