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Deborah Farone is one of the leading advisors to law firms on the topics of strategy, particularly r...
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Developing your personal brand can help ensure you and the team with which you work are viewed as a valued business partners, whether you are an inhouse lawyer or starting out at as an associate at a law firm. By having a strong positive personal brand, lawyers are better able to use strategies to influence change and be heard both within their organizations as well as in the legal profession. Personal brand has two key components: The internal brand, what influences others within the organization, allows the professional to use a variety of strategies and tools to accomplish their objectives. The external brand defines how the team is viewed throughout the legal profession and often the company’s industry sector. Both internal and external brands play an enormous role in increasing your ability to perform your role.

In this session we will cover:

  • Personal brand and its impact
  • Basic steps in building a personal branding plan, from work style to using low-risk social media
  • Defining and communicating your brand internally and externally
  • Becoming an ambassador for a legal department or practice group