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Cara Hale
C-Level Executive
Projecting Credibility and Confidence for Attorneys

Relying on 20 years of research, Cara has a deep understanding of how nonverbal communication shapes the perception of leadership presence. As the founder of SpeechSkills and the author of the critically acclaimed book The Credibility Code, she has provided training to some of the world’s best-known companies, including Caterpillar, Google, PayPal, Pixar, Pinterest, Kaiser, Intel, and Indeed. In addition, she’s lectured at Harvard, Stanford, and UC Berkeley, worked with numerous top 100 law firms, and appeared in countless media outlets including and USA Today. In workshops, she’s known for delivering precision feedback with warmth and humor. On stage, she’s an energetic and compelling presenter, having won numerous national awards for public speaking. With a consistent schedule of 50 keynotes or large-group seminars a year, Cara has delivered more than 1500 stage presentations in more than 20 countries.

United States
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