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Keynote Speaker | Emotional Intelligence Expert | Media Personality
Rich Bracken - Keynote Speaker
C-Level Executive
Boost Culture & Performance Through Emotional Intelligence

Rich Bracken is an energetic storyteller who blends data and research with emotion and case studies to share insights and strategies on how to implement sustainable positive change.

For over twenty years, he has been researching and consulting businesses of all sizes on how their teams rise and fall with various styles of leadership and employee engagement.

Combining his findings from external consulting and internal analysis with notable companies and corporations, he is an energetic and vocal advocate for an impactful style of business navigation that leverages the power of emotional intelligence, empathy, and mental awareness.

Bringing together his experience as an award-winning salesperson, marketer, and client service expert with his passion for speaking, consulting, and coaching, he delivers a unique and refreshing blend of empathy and positivity that resonates with professionals from every level and background.

He has served numerous Fortune 100 clients and global organizations as a keynote speaker and is a notable media personality appearing in such outlets as ABC, ESPN, Thrive Global, Vice, and Goalcast.

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